Reg evenin’ folks,

Of course, there ain’t nothing good about the evening. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know Denver is going down the shitter at warp speed.

So far, we have seen three communiques from the authorities: one from the city police, one from the governor, one from Colonel Thurman with the National Guard.

All of them are basically saying that some sort of virus-induced riot is going on in our streets. That everything should be under control soon and to avoid the streets for now.

Yeah, the stench of bullshit has drifted to my nose too.

I do not know for how long Youtube and the interwebz will be up for. All I know is that I found some crazy shit on there. In downtown Chicago, a riot team got overwhelmed by a group of these… things. One of the cops opened fire numerous times. You can see one of them freaks hit straight in the chest about 5 times, but the guy keeps on going, devouring whatever flesh he can find.

You know I am not big on God, but this seems to come straight out of the damn Bible. Ain’t there something in there about the dead walking the earth when hell is full?

Dead, yes. These guys should be fucking dead. Well, they are, are they not? But they are not.

Nobody seems to know what is going on. No press conference from the White House. Hell, maybe I am the last media guy still standing out there…

All I know is that this shit is global.

Lock your doors.

Don’t make noise.

And carry a big stick or something.

The dead are walking.

The Walking Dead: Denver

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